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Griffin Towers
6 Hutton Centre Drive, Suite 1040, Santa Ana, CA 92707
Phone (714) 556 - 9400
Fax (714) 556-9500

Alston, Alston & Diebold's goal is to create an efficient and enjoyable work environment for our attorneys and staff while providing the highest quality and cost effective legal services for our clients.

Periodically, when attorney or staff positions are available, we will post a notice on this page that we are currently seeking qualified individuals for employment, and asking candidates to submit their resumes to our main office in writing.

Alston, Alston & Diebold does not have any current employment openings for attorneys or staff.

Alston, Alston & Diebold does not accept resumes for employment via e-mail. Alston, Alston & Diebold does not maintain a resume file; all potential openings are evaluated from current resumes after notice is posted that an employment opportunity is open.

Alston, Alston & Diebold does not offer a summer intern program for law students or attorneys.

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