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Welcome to the Alston, Alston & Diebold website at We are committed to providing you the finest legal services and cost effective legal solutions that are responsive to your needs. We provide services for both individuals and businesses.

We are a small firm of highly experienced attorneys dedicated to providing you the individualized services that you will not find in larger impersonal firms. We will involve ourselves in your matter in order to determine your unique needs, challenges and business objectives. We look forward to building a lasting relationship with you.

We will always be available for your matter. We are not only experts in our practice areas; we also network with each other as well as other attorneys and experts in order find solutions for your issues and develop your strategic plans..

We are dedicated to providing you with cost effective representation. This is achieved by providing you with a thorough initial evaluation of your matter, the potential alternatives for resolution, and a detailed estimate of the costs of the options so that you may make informed choices about your case. We do not believe in providing you with a hollow victory where the cost of litigation exceeds your recovery, reminiscent of Charles Dickens Bleak House. We will work with experts, consultants and you to control the costs of litigation. We can implement various dispute resolution techniques and forums to avoid costly litigation when possible, but we are willing and experienced to litigate when necessary.

Alston, Alston & Diebold provides legal services within all courts of the State of California.

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